Showing in a London fringe theatre: Tonight I’ll be April. This is a twisted love story exposing the consequences of a fractured past, a confused present and a hopeless future. April and Michael take their relationship to the next level. Before they moved in together life was bliss. After moving in together April finds it difficult to keep her secret hidden from the man she loves. When what seems to be fleeting mood swings put Michael on the receiving end of abuse, he makes a choice that seals their fate.


etclogoWhere and when?

Tonight I’ll be April premiered at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden for a six night run on 19th – 24th April 2016.



London Theatre1 **** Review:

“Dramaturgically speaking, it’s excellent, with scenes of varied length interspersed with monologues.”

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My Theatre Review:

“The story is gripping while keeping a real and relatable aspect to it… This performance is a new voice to be heard and one that hopes to make a mark on society.”

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