A Story of Courage and Sacrifice


#MondayMotivation. I came across a video this morning of Kayode Ewumi delivering a TEDx Peckham talk. The young Black British storyteller of Nigerian descent is best known for his Hood Documentaries and his character RollSafe. In this video he tells his story that has led to where he is now. The fundamental message that underlies his talk is ‘courage’.

Courage = the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.

Watching this video reminded me of the core ingredients necessary to achieve success in life: desire, definiteness of purpose, courage, persistence. A burning desire to obtain something (money, fame, peace, justice) gives us the clarity in knowing what we want and what we are here to do. Courage comes when we keep on keeping on no matter how tough things get; no matter how many failures we have had because with a burning desire and definiteness of purpose, we know that failures are just practice shots. Therefore every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.

Courage is one of the themes that underpins our upcoming production, ‘Silient Screams‘ written by Ademola Adeniji. This is a story of courage, resistance and self-sacrifice set in Nyasaland, 1917. The oppression on the plantations and the forced conscription of local men to fight a European war infuriates a local Church Minister, Joseph.  When his appeals to the Governor-General fail, Joseph plans a revolution putting his life at risk. This is a compelling play telling a story less told. This play commemorates the bravery of African men who fought in The Great War. Book tickets to see Silent Screams

I don’t know any compelling success story that is not powered by bravery, do you?



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